Bahagia Itu Sederhana

Kadang hanya sekedar bertemu sahabat-sahabat lama, walaupun hanya sebentar (like we used to hang out for more a day when we were in high school anyway) tapi itu cukup bisa menjadi stress reliever. Dan kebetulan kami berkecimpung di industri yang berbeda, cerita-cerita menjadi lebih seru dan kocak. Hihihihi. Bahagia itu memang sederhana, serius deh. Kadang sesimpel bertemu … More Bahagia Itu Sederhana

Hello to 2012

today is officialy first day of January 2012. means, HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE. I actually hate to spend my new year’s eve outside the house, i mean like other normal young people who hang out with their friends or going to new year party. well in fact, i’m really not into it. i would rather … More Hello to 2012

These People

hi people, it’s Saturday night, oh not anymore, it’s already Sunday. means Monday tomorrow. urgh. anw, I was planning to watch Hang Over 2, that’s why I stay up late but then my mood to write just came out, so I decided to blog instead of watching DVD. anw, do you guys have some people … More These People

have had a good time

I just looked at my friend’s Facebook who lives in Bandung. She’s Sundanese, hence she wrote her Facebook status in Sundanese language, but the thing is, when I read her Facebook status and tried so hard to understand its meaning (since I can’t speak neither understand Sundanese language), all of sudden I started to miss … More have had a good time

the fake one

i actually wrote this like 3 months ago, and i just forgot to post it in my blog. so, here you go, my last-year writing. 🙂 Gw ngga ngerti ya kenapa ada orang-orang seperti ini : 1. The wannabe Orang-orang kaya gini adalah orang-orang yang melakukan berbagai cara untuk menjadi seseorang yang bukan dirinya sendiri. … More the fake one

truly blessed

Nothing beats the happy feeling of being surrounded by family and close friends (and playing with my cat). I somehow think “what a lucky person I am” because I always surrounded by good people with the positive personality and to make it even better, in fact, they are my friends. Because sometimes, I see some … More truly blessed