Bahagia Itu Sederhana

Kadang hanya sekedar bertemu sahabat-sahabat lama, walaupun hanya sebentar (like we used to hang out for more a day when we were in high school anyway) tapi itu cukup bisa menjadi stress reliever. Dan kebetulan kami berkecimpung di industri yang berbeda, cerita-cerita menjadi lebih seru dan kocak. Hihihihi. Bahagia itu memang sederhana, serius deh. Kadang sesimpel bertemu … More Bahagia Itu Sederhana

Morning Notes

“Selamat pagi wahai kalian, orang-orang korban mulut manis management.” @pervertauditor on May 16th, 2012 I love to read @pervertauditor tweets simply just because it makes me laugh. Actually laugh at my exhausting life as an employee or in worse word Corporate Slave. and most of the time its tweets hit and fit me that I … More Morning Notes

Part-time Loner

“hah?lo jalan kaki dari kantor ke Ambasador?” Temen gw kaget setengah mati pas tau gw jalan kaki pulang kerja dari Kantor ke Ambas. Apalagi kalo gw ceritain rencana gw mau pulang kerja jalan kaki dari kantor ke rumah ya?bisa pengsan dia. Sama sih, gw juga bisa koma kali ya jalan kaki dari kantor sampe rumah. … More Part-time Loner

Hello to 2012

today is officialy first day of January 2012. means, HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE. I actually hate to spend my new year’s eve outside the house, i mean like other normal young people who hang out with their friends or going to new year party. well in fact, i’m really not into it. i would rather … More Hello to 2012

These People

hi people, it’s Saturday night, oh not anymore, it’s already Sunday. means Monday tomorrow. urgh. anw, I was planning to watch Hang Over 2, that’s why I stay up late but then my mood to write just came out, so I decided to blog instead of watching DVD. anw, do you guys have some people … More These People

one awful day

i’ve just signed up for new social media account, named Heello. and it’s kinda similar with twitter, but since i’m a social media freak, so i signed up for one. and to greet me, that Heello said “share your life”, so, here i go, instead of sharing my life for only 140 characters in Heello, … More one awful day