Explore, Dream, Discover

Hi all, sorry for abandoning this wordpress blog since oh-so-many-years. I feel so bad for being such a lazy-moody blogger. But i just bought a new smartphone (#Important News #TheWhole GalaxyShouldKnow ). So hopefully this so called smart phone can help me bloging anytime anywhere. Kekekekekke. Anyway, one day my friend said something intriguing to … More Explore, Dream, Discover

Life Is…

(image credit : paloma81.blogspot.com ) anw, beside blogging in WordPress, I also have my other Blog which is in Tumblr. you can visit my Tumblog in carissayufita.tumblr.com it contains more pictures which is courtesy of other peoples’, more quotes and some of my love life story. *nyengir kuda*. So, enjoy. 🙂

Stay There

Stay there because I’ll be coming over. While our blood’s still young. It’s so young, it runs. We won’t stop until it’s over. Won’t stop to surrender.