(Credit : Google Image) Baby, I just don’t know what to say You were my dream You were my dream and now it all feels so real You’re real Heavy drinks and lighthearted jokes Quit my day job just to stay up all night with you We are going to Hollywood and never coming back…

Daily Life

Olla, how are you doing today all? I do hope every one have a good day because i’m not. Ngga sih, sebenarnya pagi ku juga lumayan menyenagkan because i spent it with my nephew. No time wasted when i spend it with my nephew hehehehe. Tapi setelah itu entah kenapa aku merasa uring-uringan, bawaannya pengen gampar orang dan tidur…

Relationship. Pretty true. Pretty sad.

Relationship. Pretty true. Pretty real. Pretty sad. Sometimes i feel so anxious, over-excited about relationship. But sometimes the idea of tied down with someone slash having a relationship with someone, scares the hell out of me. Having the idea that someone comes into my life, and getting too close into my life, scares me. but…

These People

hi people, it’s Saturday night, oh not anymore, it’s already Sunday. means Monday tomorrow. urgh. anw, I was planning to watch Hang Over 2, that’s why I stay up late but then my mood to write just came out, so I decided to blog instead of watching DVD. anw, do you guys have some people…

Stay There

Stay there because I’ll be coming over. While our blood’s still young. It’s so young, it runs. We won’t stop until it’s over. Won’t stop to surrender.

Defying Gravity

so, i finally came to the initial interview for Flight Attendant position. and what made me freaking out was the people who came. the girls were freaking pretty and the guys were good-looking. they successfully made me feel so small like what-am-i-doing-here-?-i’m-nothing-compare-to-them. so anw, when the first session started, i felt my heartbeat beat really…

day anthem

currently listening to this song. Katy Perry looks freaking gorgeous. “you’re original, can not be replaced” -fireworks, Katy Perry_

life in lyrics

so if you love me, baby, this is how you let me know don’t ever let me go that’s how you let me know, baby. ~Forever Young, Jay-Z~

Pride can stand a thousand trials. The strong will never fall. but watching stars without you My soul cries… -Desree, Kissing You- picture from here