Day When I Turned Thirty Three


Four days ago, I was officially becoming a 33 year old woman. It is quite a big age, isn’t it? My 25 years old me could never imagined that I would step into this thirty-ish old. As I get older, I just take ‘birthday’ day just like any other day. Not a day that I’m looking forward to anymore. But I am still grateful for all the wishes and gift that people gave me. Those were truly made my day.

My friend sent me this Mentai Rice which was huge and delicious.

Another package was a box of meatbun from a friend of mine who always referred herself as Jisoo from Blackpink. I tried the meatbun from and it was so goooood. The meat was tasty and the loaf was full and fluffy.

And another one, I got two boxes from my former office colleague. One boxes was chocolate brownies and the other one was Japanese Milk Bun. I thought it was s’more at first but turned up it’s a bread. My mom loves the Japanese Milk Bun so much. And one thing, those were homemade by my friend’s mom. Very cool!

I could say that my sweet tooth loves this brownies so much. It’s sweet, soft and melted in my mouth.

So, enough with all the sweets and carbo, next I got one bottles of coffee and chocolate drink from my former office colleague. A stock of caffeinated drink to start a day, who can actually resist? Definitely not me.

Lastly, snacks from my friend. Again, these were all homemade by her mother-in-law. The arem-arem is so good, and not to mention the pastel. It’s full with vegetables inside and also very fluffy.

On weekend, me and my parents went to my sister’s house to celebrate my birthday. Since we’re still in pandemic situation, so this year we can’t go dining out to celebrate my birthday. My sister bought me these cute cupcakes. I do love the red velvet cupcakes. The whip cream isn’t really sweet and the cake was soft. As expected, I can’t stop myself from munching the cupcakes again and again.

That was all on how I celebrated my 33rd birthday. I’m not gonna say I’m old (I know physically I’m getting older and not as fit as I was in my teenage and young adult years) but inside, I always feel like I’m 25 or 27. I don’t know why I have to be in that specific two age inside, but I always think that getting older doesn’t mean I stop learning. I still have so many lack in me, so many places I want to go, so many books I want to read, so many story I want to write, so many dreams that I still want to be true. May I always grow. May I always strong.

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