I Dream of …

Few years ago, I always put the same sentence on all of my social media description. It was ‘I dream of Seoul and Tokyo’. You might wonder why I wrote a non-related description of me for my bio. At that time, I really wanted to go to Korea and Japan that I the only thing I dreamt of was to be there. I even used any Seoul or Tokyo related picture as my phone and laptop wallpaper, also my social media header.

Until one day, my dream came true. I went to Japan, twice, and years later to Korea. Was I happy? Very much. But still, me as an ungrateful human being, one day told my friend about how my life didn’t go as I wanted. I had another dream and it had not came true yet and my impatience ass just quickly concluded that my life was suck.

Hearing my complaints, my friend said that at least my dream to go to Seoul and Tokyo has been accomplished and I should be thankful and acknowledged that at least some part of my life went as I wanted. I was stunned by her words because I totally didn’t realize that I still put ‘I dream of Seoul and Tokyo’ as my bio description. And then I remembered how I really wanted something, and it finally happened, and I happy and moved on and have another wanting and I got impatient and I called my life suck when it goes another way or just simply is taking its time to make my dream comes true.

Now I look back to my life, by remembering some memories, re-read my diary, open the album photo, and realized that mostly my life went as I used to wish. Most of what I wanted came true even though it mostly happened years later. (Surprisingly there were also things that I wish and granted in a snap of eyes). These whole things make me realize how ungrateful I have been and how most of the time I took myself and my life for granted. How I hardly acknowledge my achievements, though it was a really simple one but I was actually writing it as my dream when I was teenager, how I belittle the power of universe on making something come true, and how impatient I am for not willing to wait until the right time arrives.

I remember a quote from Paulo Coelho which said “And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

Maybe I didn’t realize that when I dream of something and I tried to achieve it, I wrote those down on my diary, I prayed for it from the very bottom of my heart, it didn’t come true, I got disappointed, I moved on but I forgot that along the way my wish was actually listened. It might take years, it might take seconds, it might come true or it might be replaced with something better. At the end of the day, when I look back, my path of life make sense.

I know that I have so many high or even impossible-like dream (but who cares, Adidas said impossible is nothing), but as silly as it sounds (despite I’m little by little trying to make it true) I always write it down on my diary as part of my affirmation to myself. So, when I read that again years and years later, I could say ‘damn, I did predict my future’ or simply just ‘how on earth I ever think of dreaming this, you silly?’

Maybe that is why I love asking of someone’s dream. I mean, the more we talk about it, it could be a positive affirmation to ourselves (well, somehow it could be a jinx too). No matter how silly it is, go dream about it. It’s everyone’s right, anyway. Dream as high and as wide as you want even though people laugh at you, for angels might listen and God might grant it to happen.

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